Empowering Education: FTAD’s Dynamic Workshop Shapes Future of School Governance Council

The Technical Assistance Division (FTAD) recently completed a critical Orientation-Workshop on the School Governance Council (SGC) Tool. Following previous activities spearheaded by the BHROD-SED, this workshop, held on February 1, 2024, aimed to provide participants with the capabilities needed to properly apply the SGC Tool. With an impressive turnout of 80 participants from 16 Schools Division Offices (SDOs), including SGOD Chiefs, SDO SBM Coordinators, Public Schools District Supervisors, and School Heads, the event laid the groundwork for improved collaboration and support in the educational sphere.

Proactive information dissemination across multiple means, including regional memoranda and online platforms, emphasized efforts to promote widespread involvement. FTAD’s rigorous planning and execution were reflected in the workshop’s smooth operation. Looking ahead, the FTAD is dedicated to facilitating coordination with SDO representatives for the validation and submission of Means of Verification (MOVs). These proactive actions demonstrate the FTAD’s steadfast commitment to encouraging quality and innovation in the educational landscape, supported by a strong framework for continuous improvement and impact assessment.”