DepEd NCR’s Rigorous Year-End Management Review Enhances Quality Management System

                In a strategic move to fortify its National Quality Management System (QMS) and in anticipation of an upcoming external audit, the Department of Education National Capital Region (DepEd-NCR) meticulously conducted its annual Management Review on January 22, 2024. The activity garnered participation from the Top Management, Regional Executive Committee members, QMS Team leaders, and process owners. Initially scheduled for December 28, 2023, the review was rescheduled due to an increased volume of deliverables in the final quarter.

           The primary objective of the Management Review is to comprehensively assess the implementation of the Quality Management System within the region. This scrutiny ensures that the system remains suitable, adequate, effective, and aligns seamlessly with the strategic direction of the Department of Education.

                 During the review, detailed reports were presented by the QMS Teams and Process Owners, covering various crucial aspects:

  1. Status of actions from the previous management committee meeting
  2. Status of Planning Documents, including SWOT analysis, Risk Registry, and Opportunity Registry
  3. Customer satisfaction and feedback
  4. Status of OPCR (Overall Performance Commitment and Review)
  5. Status of Programs, Activities, and Projects (PAPs)
  6. Status of Nonconformities and Requests for Actions
  7. Monitoring and Measurement results, including updates on the improvement of the Operations Manual and MEA-PIR (Management Effectiveness Assessment-Performance Information Report)
  8. Internal Quality Audit Results and COA (Commission on Audit) Findings
  9. Performance of external providers
  10. Adequacy of Resources, encompassing Facilities, ICT Equipment, Internet Connectivity, and Manpower
  11. Risk Monitoring and Review Results
  12. Identification of Opportunities for Improvement and discussion of other pertinent matters

                This comprehensive analysis and reporting mechanism underscore the commitment of DepEd-NCR to uphold the highest standards in its educational services. By scrutinizing these multifaceted aspects of its operations, the institution ensures continuous improvement, aligning its practices with national directives and best practices in education management. The Management Review stands as a testament to the region’s dedication to fostering excellence in education and reinforcing its position as a leader in the field.

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