VP Sara Continues MATATAG Agenda: BER 2024 Achievements and Future Plans

On January 25, 2024, Vice President Sara Z. Duterte, the Secretary of Education, reiterated the Department of Education’s (DepEd) unwavering commitment to advancing the MATATAG Agenda during her second Basic Education Report. 

VP Sara highlighted significant milestones achieved within a year of launching the agency’s MATATAG Agenda, including the successful pilot implementation of the MATATAG Curriculum, the introduction of initiatives like the National Learning Camp, Catch-Up Fridays, the expansion of the School-Based Feeding Program, and the bolstering of learner protection mechanisms.

“In our ongoing journey, resilient in the face of challenges, we reaffirm our dedication to fulfilling the objectives of the MATATAG Agenda,” stated VP-Sec. Duterte.

Of particular note, Duterte announced DepEd’s forthcoming policy aimed at streamlining teachers’ administrative responsibilities on January 26, with a clear directive to “bring our teachers back to the forefront of classrooms.”

Furthermore, VP Sara outlined upcoming initiatives such as the formulation of Employee Welfare and Well-being Policy guidelines and the establishment of a Calamity Fund for teachers and personnel.

In terms of academic enhancement, VP Sara disclosed DepEd’s phased implementation plan for the MATATAG Curriculum in the upcoming school year, along with the introduction of a National Math Program and National Science & Technology Program. Additionally, she emphasized the agency’s ambitious goal to achieve nationwide digitization of all DepEd offices and schools by 2028 through the DepEd Digi-Ed initiative. This comprehensive effort includes providing school-wide Wi-Fi, electronic textbooks, and digitized evaluation and assessment tools to facilitate learners’ development.

VP Sara also pledged to inaugurate the MATATAG Portal, a comprehensive platform designed to provide teachers, learners, and partners seamless access to educational materials and resources.

“Mga kababayan, we will persist despite adversities, for it is paramount to witness the multitude of triumphs and realized aspirations of our youth through our collective resilience,” VP-Sec. Duterte underscored.

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