RD Andaya Orchestrates Coordination Meeting to Chart the Course for DepED NCR’s Three-Year Development Plan

In a decisive move towards regional advancement, the Department of Education’s National Capital Region (DepEd NCR) conducted a pivotal Coordination Meeting focused on the imminent launch of its 3-Year Development Plan. The gathering unfolded with a meticulously structured agenda, featuring the presentation of Plans of Action from various committees.

The spotlight of the session was undeniably on the forthcoming unveiling of DepEd NCR’s ambitious three-year roadmap. Attendees witnessed a comprehensive overview of strategic initiatives and priorities poised to shape the educational landscape within the region.

Adding a layer of logistical finesse to the proceedings, discussions delved into the division of tasks concerning the intricate details of the launch. From program flow and attendees to the meticulous logistics arrangement, every facet of the event’s execution was strategically addressed.

The meeting reached its crescendo with a focused discourse on the identification and invitation of critical VIPs who would contribute to the significance of the launch. This thoughtful preparation underscored the commitment of DepEd NCR to ensuring a seamless and impactful introduction of its visionary Development Plan.

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