Regional Training Equips Education Leaders with MATATAG Curriculum Expertise

In an effort to improve educational leadership and curriculum proficiency, 679 instructional leaders, comprising of Chiefs, Education Program Supervisors, School Heads, and Head Teachers, convened at the Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort in Cavite for the Regional Training of Division Trainers and School Leaders on the MATATAG Curriculum (RToT)

The event, held from April 8 to 12, 2024, for Batch 1, and April 15 to 19, 2024, for Batch 2, was spearheaded by the Human Resource Development Division and Curriculum Learning Management Division.

Key officials from the Central Office likewise graced the event in the person of Dir. Leah B. Apao, Director III, and Ana-Sol Reyes, SEPS both from NEAP including Alexander Simagala, PDO IV from BCD. Alongside their presence, the pivotal attendance and involvement of Regional Office personnel consisting of the Chief and Education Program Supervisors from the Quality Assurance Division were likewise manifested.

With the collaborative efforts of all of the attendees, the RToT successfully produced completed activity outputs both in the pre and post-test examinations. This activity aims to equip SDO instructional leaders with the necessary skills to become effective trainers in implementing the MATATAG Curriculum.

The MATATAG Curriculum is designed to enhance the holistic academic competencies of learners across different learning areas, and is posed to make an impact on the educational landscape.

RD Joyce DR. Andaya expressed her optimism on the event’s achievement stating “the full implementation of the MATATAG Curriculum shall be achieved by 2028.”

With a shared commitment to educational excellence, educational leaders and other stakeholders are poised to usher into the new era of student-centric learning and development.

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